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Prevention or over coming a training or behaviour challenge, there is a service to help everyone. Our methods are proven to work from the results students achieve and backed by science.

at St.Olaves

Classes are the main service conducted at St.Olaves Village hall on Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings. Classes are for all dog to dog friendly puppies and dogs.

Workshops run by Pooch Paws are generally based at St.Olaves though they might also be found out on location depending on topic.

One-to-one training and behaviour support is also available at St.Olaves on a Saturday morning (subject to very limited availability).

Puppy Classes Dog Classes Workshops


One to One Training Behaviour Support

at your home

Home visits are for undertaking one to one training and behaviour support available on weekdays only.

One to One Training Behaviour Support

online tuition

Get help & guidance through an exclusive online community from the comfort of your own home to apply to your training or behaviour journey. There are training plans to follow, step-by-step instructions plus more. Two membership levels are available; training and behaviour. Once a member you can add on 6-weeks coaching.

Online Training Tuition

Online Behaviour Support