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SINCE 2005

Puppy & Dog Training & Behaviour in St.Olaves, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 

We love working with all dogs and their owners, young, old, large or extra small. Wherever your journey is starting we pride ourselves on providing the best and friendliest non-judgemental service.

Come and join the Pooch Paws family, the most recommended service in the area by veterinary surgeons. Run by expert behaviourist Katey Aldred and her hand-picked team, providing the highest standard of training available.

'We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but believe me, that is not the case. Every animal’s behaviour can be improved by applying the techniques used at Pooch Paws and you will be amazed at how quickly your dog responds. There’s no need to worry that your dog will become bored as, by using a fun positive reinforcement approach, your pet will get as much satisfaction out of the training as you will.'

Katey Aldred MSc, RVN, ABTC-CAB, CBATI-KSA, APDT (01204), PPG
Founder, Director, Head Trainer & Clinical Animal Behaviourist

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upcoming events

Upcoming Term Dates for Pooch Paws Dog Training Club

Tuesday Evenings & Saturday Mornings

Term Four 2024

  • Tues 14th May: 5pm puppy gundog. 6pm puppies/beginners. 7pm intermediate/advanced FULL. 
  • Saturday 18th May: 9am puppies/beginners. 10am intermediate/advanced FULL. Workshops OR one-to-one slot. 12pm one-to-one slot PRE BOOK only

Next Term starts May 2024

Highly recommended by students past & present

  • 6-week courses
  • Courses for all abilities
  • Progressive training
  • Positive training
  • St.Olaves Village Hall
  • £90*

Classes sell out quickly, your best chance is to add your name to a waiting list before the booking is open.

Upcoming Workshop Dates for Bellanino Gundog Training

Approximately the last Sunday of the month


  • 19th May
  • 30th June
  • 28th July 


Everyone really enjoys gundog training

  • 2-hour workshops
  • Outside training locations
  • Positive training only
  • All breeds welcome
  • Options for all abilities
  • £40*



*cost subject to change at any time



enroll in a class for expert guidance

Have a new puppy?
Have a dog you need to train?
Want to follow progressive training that gives you all the tools you need?
Pooch Paws DTC is the place to be!
Embark on your training journey starting from Nickel Level (1) and work through the 8-levels.
There are tests, challenges and fun along the way.
Gain your rosettes & if your up to the challenge sit level-8, Diamond Level!
Can you afford to miss out on this training journey?
Every student gets a FREE academy account which comes with a private PPDTC area, click to find out more.
These are sought after classes that sell out fast, if you see a space don't hang around!

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one-to-one help & expert coaching

Does your dog ignore you?
Does your dog pull on the lead?
Does your dog misbehave?
You can get expert help with all of these problems & more!
There is an option for everyone from in-person 1-2-1's to online & live 1-2-1's plus Academy membership with online courses
There really is no excuse to not get involved and start your journey.
The longer you put it off the longer it will take to over-come the issue or implement training.
Get in touch or click a link below to see how Katey can help you

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client recommendations

  • I like to think that today Austin is a well socialised, confident dog and these classes have been a huge part of that, so thank you very much! I would 100% recommend these classes to anyone regardless of the age of their dog, Katey's insight into dog behaviour is worth the fee in its own right.
  • Fun and effective dog training classes, lots of encouragement and support for all levels of experience of dogs. 1 to 1 sessions and small group class room and outdoor sessions. Highly recommended!!
  • Our 3 dogs took an instant liking to Katey who is warm, friendly and highly professional. We have had private home sessions for 2 of our dogs and they have responded extremely well to the tuition given and Katey has trained the pair of us well too. We are very pleased and grateful for what she has achieved and we will be following up by joining the group sessions with our excitable Frenchie. Thanks Katey.
  • I have problems with my little Yorkshire terrier being so excitable so we decided to have a 1 to 1 session with Katey and it did a huge improvement. My dog is still excitable as he is still a puppy but it is lesser now and the good thing is we can control him with his barking and jumping up after those sessions and repeated training at home. We are also doing dog training classes at Pooch Paws since December 2018. My dog started with the beginners class.He is now in the intermediate/advanced class and I am so amazed on how he progressed and can’t believe that my dog can actually do so many obedience commands now and tricks as well! Thanks Katey!
  • Katey has been such a help with my giant puppy, I have had 6 one on one lessons and her training strategies have made such a difference with Bronn’s over excited behaviour and suspicious behaviours. I now have a solid base to build upon, I’m no longer constantly stressed when I know I have visitors coming. I know Bronn's limitations and he is much easier to calm, no-one wants a 9 stone over excited Saint Bernard puppy charging at them!! Next steps are to practice practice practice and build on what we have learnt then some group classes I think so Bronn can also learn some manners when meeting other doggies. Katey's knowledge is fantastic & I cannot recommend pooch paws enough.
  • I was recommended katey through my vet, as the puppies had just started their vaccinations i decided to start with some one to one training until they could start the next set of classes. Katey instantly makes you feel at ease, is friendly and will answer any questions you may have without you feeling daft about asking them. Katey has a lot of knowledge which covers more than just the training, she gave us advice on feeding, play and general care which helped us a lot. The classes are informative and fun and the pups seem to enjoy it, I must admit they do like seeing katey. The class sizes are small so you all get some of Katey's attention and Kate will help you as much as she can. Katey's help has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend making use of the classes.